Reasons to Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners

splatternot applicableHave you ever used chemical drain cleaners in your home? Do you find them accessible and easy to use?  Well, for all the seeming comfort that they bring to your home and your attempts to keep your plumbing system healthy, did you know that chemical drain cleaners pose certain dangers?

Yes, in fact, many licensed professional plumbing services would never recommend using these types of cleaners.  So that you must know, here are some reasons why you must avoid chemical drain cleaners.

corrosive drain

1. Corrosive

The main reason why people use drain cleaners is to remove clogs that hamper the smooth flow of wastewater. These chemical drain cleaners are formulated in such a way that they contain corrosive properties that affect not only junk and grease, but also the piping materials. Some of the chemicals used can erode pipes, which means they can even burn through your skin.

warning sign

2. Highly Toxic

The chemical drain cleaners that we use in our homes come with a warning, and with good reason. The substances are very dangerous to human health not only when swallowed, but even when inhaled or comes into contact with the skin. When you use these cleaners, the high toxicity level produces fumes that remain in the air that you breathe and can cause a burning sensation on your eyes and nose.

water leak

3. Damage Plumbing

As for septic systems, the chemicals are detrimental to the organic bacteria that breaks down the waste matter that goes into your septic tanks. When the bacteria dies, the septic system will fail to function properly leaving you with the possibility of having a backed up septic system.

Pipes and septic systems are not safe from the chemicals in these cleaners. The chemical solutions are extremely powerful that they will eat through the piping material as they dissolve the clogged debris. Continuously using them will give you more plumbing problems than you started with. If you have older plumbing pipes, the more prone they become to damage.

The reason we use cleaners is to help keep our plumbing systems healthy. However, with chemical drain cleaners, there is a huge drawback because of the corrosive and toxic contents. Using these types of cleaners will leave pit marks and tarnish your plumbing fixtures.

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4. Not Applicable to All

The truth of the matter is that chemical drain cleaners are not effective for all types of clogs. There are certain problems that can cause clogging other than an accumulation of junk and debris. For example, is a part of the pipe has broken down and caused the clogging, the chemical drain cleaner will not be able to restore the functionality of the drain. Most of the time, it will just sit within the pipes and cause more harm than good. This is not something that you want, right?


5. Dangerous Splatters

You do know that you have to be very careful when pouring chemical cleaners down the drain right? The problem with this is that even the slight splatter will be dangerous to you. It can get in your eyes, reach your skin, or you may inhale the vapors. This is why when using these types of cleaners it is highly recommended that you use all types of protective gear for your eyes, nose, and skin.

Worse is if you have a child in the house who can accidentally get in contact with the chemical. The burns are very serious so you need to wash them off immediately under running water. You also need to read the labels very carefully before using the cleaners.

With all of these dangers to your plumbing, home, and body, you really need to avoid using chemical drain cleaners. Call, a licensed professional plumber to get more relevant information on how to best clean your drains.