Knowing About Dual Flush Toilets


The dual flush toilet was created in 1980 and introduced into the market by the Caroma Company the following year.  The primary reason was to provide consumers with a better way of saving water with every flush.  The invention was actually born from the search for water saving devices that would help Australia, which was experiencing a drought during those times.  Eventually, it was adopted by different governments because of its environmental-friendly impact.  What else should you know about dual flush toilets?

The Two Flush Difference

Basically, dual flush toilets provide you with two buttons that give you an option what to use when urinating or moving bowel.  Why do you need two buttons?  Because you can use letter water to flush urine compared to moving solid waste.  So what does this mean in terms of savings?

First off, you can save on your water consumption.  This translates to savings in your monthly water bills.  When you consider how long you are going to use your dual flush toilet then you can also save on replacement and maintenance costs.  Not to mention that the savings in water usage creates a positive environmental impact.

Consider this, dual flush toilets can cut your water consumption by as much as 67% compared to using a conventional toilet.  This is perhaps one of the reasons why laws were passed requiring dual flush toilets to be installed in certain establishments and suggested for home use.  Can you imagine how much help this can be if you live in an area that is experiencing water shortage?

New Technology

Despite being introduced in the 1980s, there are still some areas where dual flush toilets are considered new technology.  Dual flush toilets have undergone various innovations to increase their efficiency and flushing power.  These factors have made it one of the fastest growing industries across the world.  Many toilet manufacturers have incorporated their own designs and innovations in the production of dual flush toilets as their signature for the market.

If you are a homeowner on the lookout for dual flush toilets, this means that you will be met with a variety of options that can give you savings not only from its usage, but its purchase price as well.  With various sizes and designs, dual flush toilets can fit even in the most cramped bathroom spaces without hampering its flushing performance.

Innovative Designs

The cutting edge appearance, increased flushing power, and better efficiency of dual flush toilets have made them extremely attractive for homeowners and commercial properties.  The pursuit for more innovative designs is continuous with many manufacturers focusing on the different aspects of the toilet including its aesthetics, ease of use, and comfort.

Even the flushing mechanism can help you distinguish which manufacturer produced the dual flush toilet.  The continuous focus on innovative designs has also helped to weed out the poor flushing action that characterized earlier designs and models.  The simplicity of the designs make it easier to identify which button to use when you want to flush urine or send solid waste down the drain; even kids will have no problem using the right flushing action.

Plumbing Requirements

Are you aware that the plumbing requirements for dual flush toilets is different from conventional toilets?  The plumbing of dual flush toilets is a bit complicated than the average toilet installation, which means that it should be handled by a licensed professional plumber.

So do not waste your money buying the best dual flush toilet in the market by trying to install it yourself.  Keep in mind that paying $210 to $500 for a professional plumber to install your dual flush toilet would eventually pay for itself as you begin to reap the benefits of its use in the years to come.

If you want problem-free use of your dual flush toilet, contact, a licensed professional plumber today!