Are You Ready for Bathroom Remodeling?


How much do you enjoy the privacy you get from your bathroom?  Is it one of the rooms in your home where you spend most of your time?  There are many reasons why homeowners would want to remodel their bathrooms, but usually, the most common reason why they don’t is the cost.

Establishing the cost can be difficult if you have no idea what needs to be done or the scope of work that has to be covered.  Do you really need a professional to do the work?  Well, if you want it done right, this should not even be a question.  How can you be ready for your bathroom remodeling?

Making the Plan

Everything begins with a plan.  What do you want to do?  Is there anything you want to change?  If so, how much of a change do you want to see?  These are all legitimate question that you just cannot sidestep in planning your new bathroom.  To make things a bit easier, follow these suggestions:

  • Get your schedule straight. Make sure that the work to be done by the plumbers, carpenters, and other workers do not overlap.  There must be ample time to allow for the drywall to finish, the electrical installations to be done, and the insulation to be completed.
  • Give some allowance. When you make a schedule, put in some extra days just in case the workers overshoot the target.  It is better to extend the completion date of the remodeling instead of having to do things over again.  This is not a race!
  • Storage space. Cabinets are essential to keeping the bathroom neat and clean.  Make sure that you provision enough storage space for everything that you will be using in your bathroom.
  • Color scheme. You do not need a huge space to have a big bathroom.  You can actually project an illusion of a big bathroom by choosing lighter color schemes that will make it look more spacious.  Make sure that the tiles and wallpaper designs complement your chosen scheme.
  • Draw it out. It is good to visualize what you want your bathroom to look like, but, there is nothing better than having it down on paper.  When you sketch your new bathroom, make sure you specify where you want the lights and mirrors to be.  This will give you an idea of how many lights you will need including the electrical wires and outlets to buy.  Bathroom fixtures should be laid out accordingly as well.

The Next Step

Now that you have done your part in laying out your new bathroom, what you need to do is to find the right contractor to bring it to life.  When talking to contractors, make sure that you discuss your plans with them including the budget you expect to spend.  This will give both of you a clearer picture on what is possible and what is not.

Do not forget to discuss the timeline of the work to make sure it remains realistic.  Ask the contractor where you can buy good bathroom fixtures at a lower price so that you can get some savings.  Usually, if the contractor provides for the carpentry, electrical, and other work to be done, you can get a discount on the overall price of the remodel.

If you do need to cut down because of budget constraints, do so by removing some of the add-ons in your bathroom design like mirrors, candles, shower curtains, and the likes.  Never sacrifice on the quality of the fixtures essential to the functionality of your new bathroom.

Estimating the Cost

Since you have a good idea of the scope of work needed to complete your bathroom remodel, you can now start estimating just how much money you would need.  One of the biggest factors when estimating the cost of the remodel is the size of the bathroom.  Next is the type of fixtures you want to put in including faucets, showerheads, bathtub, and others.  You also have to factor in the lighting, countertops, flooring, and cabinets to be installed.

In general, a rough estimate of an average sized bathroom would cost around $9,000.  For small to medium-sized remodels, it can be anywhere from $3,500 to $7,000.  For most homeowners who have undergone a simple yet decent bathroom remodel, the average spending was $5,650.

When you factor all of these in, you can now honestly tell yourself whether you are ready to do some bathroom remodeling or not. Get reliable residential and commercial Corona plumbing services from us.