How to clean your clogged drain lines

Keeping your drain lines clean is an important part of your home maintenance checklist. Many of us would only think about our drain lines when it’s clogged. Surely, it will ruin your day when you have limited time in your tight schedule and it’s very emotionally draining.

When the drain lines is clogged, calling your local plumber would be a good option. But you can avoid this clogged problem if you maintain it properly. Upland Plumbing* would be happy to share their expertise on how to maintain your drain lines properly:

Slow draining in your fixtures

drain cleaning

If you experience slow draining in your fixtures, immediately try pouring 3 cups of boiling water in the sink with 1 cup of baking soda. Repeat this step until the condition in better.

Draining is slow usually after you pour grease in the drain. Rinsing your drains with this mixture could help you deal with the sluggish drain. It would be ideal that you perform this procedure when you pour a lot of grease on your drain lines.

Clean your drain lines on monthly basis


Pouring baking soda and vinegar combination in your drains is best done in a monthly basis. This is a good practice to prevent any major buildup in your drain lines. It is also a cheap option for you.

To save more, purchase large box of soda and gallon of vinegar. Doing this cleaning maintenance is simple.  Pour 1 cup of baking soda in the drain then follow a one cup of vinegar. This combination would cause some reaction which effectively cleans that drain.

Cleaning hair clogged drains in your bathroom

baking soda

The mixture of Baking soda, water, salt and cream of tartar is best when it comes to dealing with clogged hair. It is perfect for drains in your bathroom. What you have to do is simply mix these items and pour it down on the drain. After that, pour a 1 cup of boiling water.

This is a simple yet effective way of dealing with buildup of hair in the drain lines. Better do this once a month so that clogs caused by hair would not become a serious problem.

Using chemical drain cleaner products

Another way is, you can use Enzyme cleaners that could be easily bought in the market. These enzyme cleaners could deal with clogs in drains and also deals with any bacteria buildup in your drain. Just make sure you choose the eco-friendly products and adhere the product usage instruction guide.

When the problem is serious and the steps above do not improve the condition of your drain lines. It is the time to call your local plumber.

*Upland Plumbing is an California local plumber providing plumbing services in all cities of San Bernardino County, California. Visit their website for more information

How to Deep Clean Your House Naturally?

Since everything outside experiences a renewed freshness with the start of the spring season, it also calls for deep cleaning your home. Almost everyone does spring cleaning as dirt, dust and grime could have accumulated with the long winter season.

The tips below could help you when it comes to cleaning your home thoroughly with using non-toxic cleaning products. Aside from being effective, all these methods are also affordable.

How to Deep Clean Your House with Safe Cleaning Solutions?

The good thing when you utilize natural products for cleaning is that it’s safe and effective. With this, you don’t have to worry anymore about the safety of your family.

Baking Soda

baking soda

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It is considered as one of the best natural deodorizer and cleanser. You could use it to effectively clean bathtubs, kitchen counters and drains.

It is also an effective scrubbing agent when mixed with a small about of water. Before you vacuum your carpets, you could sprinkle baking soda on its surface. Wait for about 10 minutes before you vacuum it off.



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White vinegar is also an excellent cleaner for mirrors, windows and counters. This could also be used for cleaning the bathroom and floor provided that you mix it with water and castile soap.

If you’re looking for an effective drain cleaner, mix baking soda with apple cider vinegar and let it run through your drain.

It is possible to deal with unwanted odor in the kitchen by simply leaving a container full of vinegar in the smelly area. Leave it there overnight and on the following day, you will not anymore smell anything bad.

Lemon Juice

lemon juice

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If you have some extra lemon juice in your home, you could use this instead of vinegar. However, this works best in dealing with blemishes on silver.

Essential Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips With Your Kids

Before you start with cleaning your home using the products mentioned above, it would be ideal that you deal with clutter first. Clutters inside your home would make it hard for you to do deep cleaning in a timely manner.

The only thing to realize in dealing with clutter is to ensure that you let go of things. A lot of people have this tendency to still keep stuffs that they do not need any more that is why their home is cluttered. To deal with clutter the right way, follow the tips below.

Break down the Job

Break down the Job

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When de-cluttering your home, it does not mean that you have to finish the entire home at once. You could schedule the morning to deal with clutter in the room of your kids. Do it in your own room in the afternoon and on the next day on your living room.

Create some solutions

Surely you have some areas in your home that is often cluttered. Try to search for some to deal with the problem effectively. This way you don’t have to keep on facing the same problem over and over again.

Deep cleaning your home should be done to prepare for the activities you plan to do this spring. It will also help you have a better start if you have a fresh, clean and well-organized home.

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

If you plan to clean your house like a hotel pro, you need constant practice to achieve it. Learning how to clean effectively and in a timely manner could not be done overnight. You really have to exert effort for it. Start by learning more on the things mentioned below.

Cleaning the bathroom

How to Clean Your House Like a Pro

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The first thing to do is spray the walls and bath tub with a disinfectant spray. This will get rid most of the bacteria in the bathroom. After leaving it for about 10 minutes, you could now wipe it with a clean rag.

To clean the inside of a toilet, there is a disinfectant spray intended for it. To get really clean and bacteria-free results, see to it that you trust only products from known brand. When brushing the toilet, see to it that you use a glove.

Also do not forget to clean the outside of the toilet and wipe it with a dry and clean rag. It is better to use a dry rag for cleaning rather than water for it makes it moist and could lead to easy bacteria build-up.

You need to spray the sink and counter top, then wipe it using a dry rag. Do not forget to include all the faucets and the bathtub in your cleaning. Lastly, clean the floor and remove all the hair you see on it.

Never forget the following:

  • Use clean rag for wiping.
  • Only use water in cleaning on the inside the toilet
  • See to it that rags used for cleaning the floor are wrapped tightly to avoid hair from falling.

Deal with Clutter

Deal with Clutter

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If you could observe in a hotel, everything is properly arranged and you don’t see any stuff scattered in any place. So if you wanted to clean like a pro, do not forget to deal with clutter.

Common source of Clutter:

  • Junk mail
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Shoes
  • Papers
  • Keys

See to it that your house is free from any junk or stuffs that you do not use anymore. Be honest to yourself and learn to let go. Refrain from holding on to things that you don’t use anymore for it will just add to the clutter in your home.

Get your Family Involved

Get your Family Involved

Most of the cleaning task done in a hotel is not performed by one person only. With this, try to get your family involved in the cleaning of your home. Make it a rule that everyone in the family should clean once a week.

This is not only aimed at cleaning your home but also it’s a good bonding time for the family. It is also a good chance for you to train your kids when it comes to cleaning and helping them see the value of cleanliness and orderliness.

Since you wanted to clean like a pro, constant practice is necessary for you to get used to cleaning. Sooner you will observe that the speed of cleaning would improve significantly and the results become better too.

Spring Cleaning Tips With Your Kids

Seasonal spring cleaning could really be a stressful and a boring job if you are alone. However, if you do it as a team, it would be more motivating and fun. This would also make the work lighter. Getting your kids to help you out with spring cleaning might be challenging but surely it could be done.

Think teamwork

Spring Cleaning Tips With Your KidsThe good thing about working with your kids for in cleaning is you could also keep them safe while cleaning. If ever you let your kids clean the bathroom on their own, there is a chance that accident in the bathroom could happen.

With this, you need to do everything as a team. Your kids will not think about cleaning the bathroom as a sentence if you join them in cleaning.

In order for this to work well, you need to designate your kids with tasks. For example, while you brush the tiles, your kids could polish furniture and fixtures in your home. Just make sure that you could see them easily.

Cleaning as a team will not only make the work faster but it develops good cleaning skills of your kids. You also are setting a good model for your kids about proper job attitude. Teaching them the value of team work and hard work would surely be helpful for them in the years to come.

Avoid voicing out Loud

Children usually don’t enjoy doing the cleaning for you force them to do so with the tone of your voice. If they do the cleaning but are only forced to do so, it will not develop the right character in them.

It is better to simply talk to them or just remind them that there is a schedule where everyone in the family would clean together. They would be interested in it if they see that everything is properly distributed to everyone in the family including you.

It would also be a good idea to use an index card to record everyone’s work. Even though you work individually, always stress out the value of cleaning as a team and above all, do not forget to have fun.

Make time fly with Music

Make time fly with MusicIn order to keep the spirit high, you could play an upbeat music. You could let your kids choose the music to play in order to motivate them more.

See to it that you delegate your kids with safe jobs. Check if they are doing well with their task and if you see that they are having a hard time, try to think of other task for them.

Keeping everyone motivated through music is really effective.

Reward System

Lastly, do not forget to reward your kids after a whole day of cleaning the house. Surely you know more about your kids and you have full knowledge on the rewards that they would really appreciate.

Following the tips mentioned above is not only helpful in making your house clean for spring, but it also helps build better relationship within the family. Cleaning together also develops good character on your kids.

Tips on Glass Cleaning Solution

Cleaning mirrors, windows and other glass in your home is definitely not a hard task but often times our job is left with smudges. Below are tips on how you are going to clean glass thoroughly and make it sparkle and shine.

Clean from Top to Bottom

Glass Cleaning Solution - Clean from Top to Bottom

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The manner of doing the cleaning is very important. You need to start from the top going to the bottom.

The purpose of doing so is to eliminate drips on your glass. This manner of cleaning leaves the surface of glasses clean and shiny.

Use a Sponge

use sponge

The more you rewipe certain areas in the glass, the more chance you would see some streaks on it. However, it’s a different story when you use a sponge. Using this tool makes the polishing of your glass pretty easy.

If you are cleaning tall windows, there are sponges that come with long handles. This kind of squeegee could also be used for cleaning shower walls.

Wash windows on a cloudy day.

Wash windows on a cloudy day

Another reason why you see residues and streaks on your glass after cleaning is the sun. It could easily dry the windows making lines visible. This is why, it’s better to clean windows during a cloudy day.

There are a lot of people who have tried this already and most of them experienced perfectly cleaned windows.

Clean corners with cotton swabs

Clean corners with cotton swabs

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One of the common problems that people experience in cleaning glasses is the residues that build up in the corner. You could remove this using a cotton swab.

There are also some tools you could find in the market that could easily remove these residues. But, using cotton swabs would be good enough.

Try an old t-shirt

Try an old t-shirt

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It would also be excellent to try those worn t-shirts. Most of these shirts are absorbent enough to help you have a cleaner glass. Also, these do not leave any kind of fluff residue that you often experience in using newer rags for cleaning.

Avoid woodwork

Avoid woodwork

See to it that you don’t let glass cleaning products drip into wood surfaces in your mirror or window. This is because these cleaners could damage the surface of wood.

Also, do not spray too much cleaner on the glass. Often times, you only need a little amount of cleaner on the glass. You need to spray in small amount and work your way from top to bottom.

Doing so will help you avoid spraying to any wooden part of the window or the mirror.

Try homemade window cleaners

homemade window cleaners

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There are now a lot of homemade window cleaners that you could make on your own. You could try mixing together, 1 cup water, 1 cup alcohol and 1 tablespoon of vinegar. This mixture will create a quickly evaporating cleaner that could be as good as the ones being sold in the market.

This also could be used on other surfaces and hard tiles.

Try to use Newspapers

Try to use Newspapers

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There are a lot of people who suggest that you try using newspapers for cleaning glasses. It worked for some but others are not convenient in it. Just give it a try if it works well for you.

Simply following the tips mentioned above could help a lot improve the results of your glass cleaning job. Make sure that you have fun while cleaning so that it won’t become a stressful task to accomplish.

Steps to Clean Out Your Closet

It would not be that hard for us to admit that we have difficulties in keeping our closets organized. When we talk about cleaning the closet, the question would be where do we start? Our closet is simply full of everything especially when you are the kind of person who keeps on buying clothes when you have the luxury of money and when you see something new.

In the very first place, this is not purely your fault. Problem in the closet is experienced by many. Since fashion is fun, we tend to keep on purchasing the clothes we want without minding how these are stored.

Wherever you go today even online, there would be a lot of wonderful line of clothing that would entice you to purchase. This is why you would just be surprised one day that your closet is already full, but still you keep on buying things.

If you aim to clean your closet, you need to implement a permanent solution. Below are some effective suggestions to clean-out your closet.

Start being organized

Clean Out Your Closet - Organizing Your Closet

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Discipline yourself to be organized. You need to make piles of the different type of clothes you have. Your skirts should be in one area, another area for blouses, sweaters and more.

Sort out everything in your closet. Even with your hangers, place those of the same type of dress closer.

Separate the Ones you Use Often

Separate the Ones you Use Often

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There is a difference between your favourite and the ones you wear the most. It is necessary that you pick those clothes that you wear the often and move them to another place.

If you don’t have the luxury of space in your room, you could just place these clothes on top of your piling. With this, you don’t have to remove everything when you look for something to wear.

Color Coding

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It would also help if you arrange your clothes base on color. After arranged you clothing by type, surely there would see clothes of the same color. You need to arrange your pile by color before putting it in the closet.

With this, when you decide to wear a red blouse, removing the options from your closet is easier. You also don’t have to scatter those clothes that don’t fit your requirement of color for the day.

It would also make the search of your clothes faster and more convenient.

Start Saving Money

Start Saving Money

It would really help you free your closet if you try to save money. If you just recently bought some new clothes, rather than buying another one, it would be ideal to save it for the next couple of months. It will not only teach you how to save, it would also give you enough time to use the clothes you have bought before.

Finally, you could sell your clothes that you don’t use anymore or you could just donate them to charity. With this, you give your closet additional space for your new clothes.

Tips How to Declutter Your Home Quickly and Neatly

how to declutter your homeIf your home is a big mess with a lot of stuffs pilling up every day, it is certainly very exhausting to deal with it. However, it you do it the right way, this could be a much less stressful endeavour.

Even if you don’t have the time, you could just spend about 10 minutes of dealing with the clutter every day. Doing so would lessen the clutter and after several days, the clutter is gone. So how to declutter your home quickly and neatly? Below are great ways to help you with decluttering your home the right way.

Designate an area for Incoming Papers

A large percentage of our clutters are papers and this is because we usually bring our job at home. Also, we have this tendency to place papers everywhere. Places where papers are seen:

  • Desks
  • Tables
  • Drawers
  • Top of the dresser
  • Inside the car

Since you place papers everywhere it is not a surprise that you could not easily find what you need. With this, it’s best to designate an area where you have to place your papers.

The No-clutter Zone

Surely you have an idea on what we are talking about. You need to start by designating an area in your room or home where there should be no clutter. The rule should be strict that there should be nothing in that area aside from the things intended to be there.

Once you are comfortable with keeping that no-clutter zone organized. You could now expand that zone. Do the expansion slowly until your entire house becomes a no-clutter zone for you.

Of course this would take time and a lot of training and discipline. Even though it’s hard to achieve it fast, at least the fact remains that it is achievable.

Schedule Decluttering during the weekend

It would be ideal that you do this regularly to avoid a messy home. This work would also be easier if you do it every weekend.

Prepare your boxes and bags for anything that is still usable for others that you don’t need anymore could be donated. There is certainly no point of keeping things that you do not use.

It is best that you do this with the entire family. The more hands picking things and sorting out the better for aside from its faster, the task becomes more fun.

The Importance of Visualization

Before you start decluttering your room, it would be best to visualize how you want it to look. This will help you a lot determine the fastest way to clean and organize your room.

Look at everything in the room that is not arranged and organized. Identify the things that you don’t need any more that is just scattered in your room.

After you now have an idea on what you want to do and how your room would look, your actions will be faster and you act with purpose.

Keeping your home organized all the time is a hard task especially if you are used to living a messy place. However, if you decided to change it and start decluttering, it could help a lot. To make sure that everything runs smoothly, simply follow the tips mentioned above.